What are Outdated GPL Plugins and How will they be a Potential Cause for Lowering the Website Traffic

When it comes to website traffic, there are many different factors that affect it. One of those factors is the type of GPL plugins being used on the site. If the site is using outdated GPL plugins, which could be a reason for the website traffic to drop.

What are Outdated GPL plugins?

The GPL is a general public license that gives you access to modify, change, share, run, and study about certain WordPress themes and plugins.

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GPL plugins are created to provide specific functionality to a website or application. However, as time passes, technology or the way people use the internet changes and these plugins become outdated. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as the plugin is no longer compatible with the latest version of WordPress or the company that created the plugin has gone out of business or it may be shared to you as a Group buy with No Automatic updates.

What are consequences of Using GPL Plugins and Themes?

When a plugin is out of date, it can no longer be used on a website and this has many consequences.

  • First, it means that the website or application that depends on the plugin no longer works.
  • Secondly, it leads to lower traffic levels as people are no longer able to access the website or use the application.
  • Thirdly, It consumes your server resources more than normal
  • Finally, the CPU usage of your server will be increased drastically and that leads to limited resources on your Hosting

There are several ways you can check if a plugin is outdated.

  • One way is to check the Plugin change log, which will tell you when a plugin was last updated.
  • Another way is to check the website of the plugin author, which also gives an indication of how often the plugin is updated.

If you find that a plugin is out of date, there are a few things you can do.

  1. One option is to try and find an alternative plugin that offers the same functionality at Free of Cost
  2.  Make a Genuine purchase of the plugin and stay updated
  3. Another option is to contact the groupbuy admin and ask them to update the plugin.
plugin is out of date

What if the GPL Plugin is Malicious?

However, in some cases, the plugin purchased through GPL or Nulled Plugin may be malicious that can spoil your website. In these cases, it may be necessary to deactivate the plugin and remove it from your website or application. This can be done using the WordPress plugin control panel.

Deactivating a plugin means that it is no longer available for use on your website or application. However, it is important to note that deactivating a plugin does not remove it from your website. It is Important to erase the complete files after deactivating the plugin files.

Consequences of Deleting a Plugin in WordPress

It should also be noted that deleting a plugin has several consequences. One of these can break some links on your website. If you have any links pointing to the plugin file, these will no longer work.

Another consequence of deleting a plugin is that it can also delete any settings associated with the plugin. This means that any customizations you have made to the plugin will also be lost.

Finally, it should also be noted that deleting a plugin may also delete any data associated with the plugin. This includes any posts or pages created using the plugin.


In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the potential consequences of using outdated GPL plugins on your website or application. If you are using any of these plugins, you should check if they are still up to date. If they are not, you should consider deactivating them and/or removing them from your website.

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