High CPC keywords in Adsense for Pets Niche in 2022

High CPC keywords? Yes, Pet niche is an ever-green industry for content marketing and affiliate marketing especially if you are targeting countries like the USA, UK, and Canada.

So are you a new blogger, who would like to start your blog but is confused about whether to choose this niche or not?

Pets, no matter it could be about a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or a horse, anything could be your pick. The CPC is with respect to AdSense is moderate and the best thing about this niche is the revenues are consistent.

The pet niche is an evergreen niche with CPC ranging from $0.10 to $0.60 depending upon the keyword we chose.

We always advise you to choose at least 25 moderate CPC, Low competition, and high volume keywords to start with.

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You can always use some free SEO tools like Uber suggest or MOZ to pick 25 keywords in the above-given criteria.

What are high-paying keywords in AdSense for Pet Niche?

We all know that insurance is one of the high-paying keywords with respect to AdSense, the combination of your pet with the keyword is the most paid CPC in the pet niche.

Say, for example, Dog Insurance or Cat insurance.

Here are the top 14 best High CPC keywords in Adsense for Pets Niche:

  • Dog insurance comparison – $14.32
  • Best dog insurance – $12.91
  • Dog insurance cover – $11.98
  • cheapest dog insurance – $11.68
  • Pet insurance for dogs – $10.49
  • Dog insurance quote – $10.30
  • Dog insurance uk – $10.22
  • vpi dog insurance – $9.37
  • Cheap dog insurance – $9.33
  • Dog insurance – $9.04
  • Compare dog insurance – $9.03
  • Dog health insurance – $8.82
  • Dogs for insurance – $8.49
  • Pet insurance dogs – $7.79

In a similar way, you too can find the best keywords for your pet category, say it could be related to cats or hamsters and so on.

Dog insurance comparison with relevant insights and guidance is a perfect article to start with for a pet niche blog if you are looking for high CPC in AdSense.

How do I find high CPC keywords?

As a digital marketer, I always suggest you spend an equal amount of time doing research on the right word and also on writing the article for the same.

If you are investing your time on keyword research equally with writing the article, you would gain high traffic with the less number of articles on your blog.

So let’s look at how to find the high CPC keywords using free tools first.

To start with, always go for the Google Ads keyword tool, which is free and gives very much genuine information.

High CPC Keywords Pets Niche
The gist of Dog Insurance keyword competiitin and its CPC Value

Click on top of the Average monthly to show the descending order of the volume and parallelly check the look for the low competition.

The second I would suggest is Uber Suggest, which gives little more accurate information of the previous month’s data.

High CPC Keywords Pets Niche

Also, look for some suggestions given below in the same tool as shown in the figure below.

High CPC Keywords Pets Niche

We had narrowed down these high paying CPC keywords to Low SEO difficulty keywords, so my choice is “dog insurance with dental

How big is the pet industry?

People who have a pet will surely love their pet and look for various solutions for their pet problems, not all can be diagnosed at home but some simple DIY tricks can be a lifesaver for their pets.

There are an estimated 180 million dogs and cats in the U.S. alone. and the next comes guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, rabbits, and so on.

The pet industry is always big and it is growing exponentially with any barriers.

High CPC Keywords Pets Niche


If you are planning to use AdSense to monetize your blog, then it makes sense to find the most profitable keyword in the niche you had chosen.

As a fresh blogger, there is always a need to be strategic about which niches you write in and what keywords you are optimizing for because not all ads will pay off equally.

If you can use your content to drive clicks and conversions in high-paying niches or keywords, you will see more profit coming from the ads placements that you have available on your site. 

The right strategy and selection will help you gain few more extra bugs with a little number of articles you have in your blog.

As a digital marketer, I wanted to help publishers see the kind of revenue they are hoping for when they become AdSense publishers, so we did some research.

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