Understanding the Differences between Product Marketing vs Product Management

Product marketing vs product management has an integral role in each product-centric organization. Both characters have their own special responsibilities, but for an organization to be successful, these two teams need to divide and conquer production tasks.

It is not possible to create the market and redirect products without collaboration between the two teams.

Let’s look at how product marketing vs product management are different and how they work together for success.

What is Product Marketing?

Product marketing can be defined as a combination of sales, marketing, and production.  A great product marketer works cross-functionally to ensure overall success.

They bring the product to market. It develops an established product strategy by developing marketing programs to increase awareness, change sales, and increase revenue.

They are helping to figure out how to sell what is in the portfolio (current products) or plan to introduce new products.

product marketing

It is the responsibility of the product vendor to ensure that the company fully understands the customer needs and builds products to meet those needs.

Product marketing managers communicate with customers once a product is available, promoting the product so that customers understand how it fits into their lives and helps them solve the problem or issue.

The product marketing manager is responsible for performing the following functions:

  • For identifying a coherent marketing strategy for the product.
  • Conducts competitor analysis & market research
  • Explains the benefits of product features through customer-facing messaging
  • Conducts Product Exhibitions
  • Establishes marketing campaigns for Demand Demand Product.
  • Guides  the product life cycle from Minimum Viable Products to Fully Mature Products

Product Marketing Manager empowers the go-to-market teams such as sales, support, customer success, and account management.

What is product management?

The product management team wakes up with a product marketing role to plan the product launch, or they are researching to figure out what the future holds.

“Product management can  be defined as making the right products  appropriate to the customer’s needs.”

Product management provides products in a budget and time frame to meet the demand in the market.

product management

The team works with suppliers and manufacturers to create early concepts and procure cost-effective materials and they ensure that the business can make a profit while selling the products.

Product managers are responsible for driving the creation of a product and product marketing managers are responsible for leading the go-to-market (GTM) for that product.

 The product manager is responsible for performing the following functions

  • Sets product focus on the product roadmap including new products and new features
  • Identifies what is the pain point of the  customer to target through both customer interviews and metrics
  • Documents require the functionality of the product, and the user can write stories or test cases
  • Ship the product with the software engineers, designers, QA, analysts, and others on the product development team
  • Advocates for the end-user and the design customer experience in the product

Product Marketing vs Product Management

Product Marketing Manager

  • Positioning
  • Plans to launch a product
  • Marketing and sales enforcement
  • Market intelligence

Product Manager

  • Vision
  • market requirements
  • Product requirements
  • Define Success

Product marketers and product managers work together on product launches, repetition, competition,  market research, and overall product success.

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